Flooding Closes Brookfield Zoo

Closure is only the third time in zoo's 79-year history

The Brookfield Zoo remained closed Friday due to flooding in the area.

The Chicago Zoological Society, which manages the zoo, closed the park to guests Thursday for only the third time since it opened in 1934.

An official told NBC Chicago that water rose up at the north tunnel which leads from the main parking lot to the north entrance of the zoo. Flooding was also reported in the animal moats and in some of the buildings.

Some of the animals in an off-exhibit area in one of the buildings had to be relocated to another area of the building, but none suffered any injuries. Officials said all animals are being cared for and are "doing fine."

The zoo also closed during the massive February 2011 blizzard and after a rainstorm in September 2008 caused heavy damage.

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