Fire Truck Hits Building, Five Firefighters Injured

Seven ambulances sent to the scene

A fire truck collided with a car and then struck a building in the Old Town Thursday afternoon, injuring seven people.

The crash happened near the intersection of Division and Wells streets at around 3:15 p.m.   A Chicago Fire Department spokesman said the car struck the Engine No. 4, which then crashed into the building.  A fire then started beneath Engine 4.

Five firefighters and two other people are being transported to area hospitals for injuries. The two civilian victims were described as a woman and a child. The woman was hospitalized at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, while the child was taken to Children's Memorial Hospital. The woman and child were traveling south on Wells when the incident occurred. None of the injuries were described as life-threatening.

"There was a little girl and her mother right there in the car," said one witness. "The little girl's mother was severely injured."  

Police video would be examined to determine what exactly happened in the crash, NBC5's Natalie Martinez reported.  

An EMS Plan 1 was called for the crash, and seven ambulances were sent to the scene.  The plan was secured just before 4 p.m.

The building was described as still being structurally sound, authorities said.

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