Five Ways to Revitalize Your Corporate Culture

Dragons Den Gong

The latest trend in keeping office culture cheerful sometimes borders on the absurd.

For instance, Groupon's headquarters contain a suburban-style bedroom in the office complete with shag carpet so that employees can relax.

Believe it or not, off-the-wall distractions can actually make your workforce more focused

A recent New York Times that profiled another avant garde business offers five concise tips on improving corporate culture relevant to anyone starting or running a new company.

Like most items on this topic, it's mostly common sense, but it still doesn't hurt to be reminded.

The advice runs the gamut from simply communicating both good news and bad news equally to employees and making the office a bright and colorful place. But it also includes more unusual moves like installing a gong for workers to celebrate their day-to-day triumphs.

Other ideas include communal lunch, Nerf wars, and employee art projects.

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