Five Must-Have Running Apps

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Do you want to take a different approach to running, or need a break from the rigors of training for a race? Maybe you are new to running and not sure where to start. Then consider these five mobile apps that provide a fun and challenging workout.

What you’ll enjoy about running with any of these apps is that you can receive encouragement, help a good cause, or be the main character in a story.

This app let’s you run with anyone from anywhere in the world. Pick your time and distance and Yog matches you up with other runners. There’s an even a feature to invite friends on a run so even if they’re hundreds or thousands of miles away you still manage to run together.

If you’re schedule doesn’t allow a real race experience, try Yog for virtual one. Or maybe you have a competitive streak. Yog let’s you race and even calls out who’s the winner.

Download Yog for free for iPhone devices.

Charity Miles
Do you want your runs to take on a different meaning and support a good cause? Try Charity Miles an app that donates money to a charity based on the miles you run. It really simple to use. Turn on the app, run, and then assign your miles to the charity of your choice. There’s even a social option to let your friends and family know you run to support a cause.

Download Charity Miles for the iPhone or Android devices.

Story Running
Ready for a creature double feature? If you find running just boring or really want to shake up your training, then try story running. Apps like Zombies, Run! and Battle Suit Runner put you in the story as you run.The outcome of story events is determined by your running. Both apps provide a compelling storyline that’ll get you out the door and running. You can even include a music playlist as a sound track.

Whether it’s battling a horde of ravenous zombies or defending Earth from alien invaders, running takes on a new meaning with these apps.

Download Zombies, Run! for iPhone or Android devices.
Download BattleSuit Runner free on iPhone or Android devices.

Cruise Control
If you like running with music, then leverage beats per minute (BPM) to get the most out of your workout. Cruise Control searches music on your smartphone to help you design a playlist for that long weekend run or that tempo workout. Part coach and party, Cruise Control let’s you set the target for your speed and finds that music to make your run a fun one.

Download Cruise Control for iPhone devices.

There is something cool about simplicity in running. That’s why FitFriend is a good app for those who just want to run. This app has a sportswatch feel with workout modes. Its clean and elegant design is hassle free and let’s you focus on running not swipes, buttons, or clutter. With FitFriend, you can also capture any of your running workouts and then sync them with the DailyMile or RunKeeper account.

Download FitFriend for iPhone devices.

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