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Fisher, a 5-Month-Old Grey Seal Pup Leaves Lincoln Park Zoo to Join Young Seal Colony at Brookfield Zoo

Cathy Bazzoni/CZS-Brookfield Zoo

A 5-month-old Lincoln Park seal pup named Fisher is headed to the suburbs.

Fisher, male grey seal pup born at Lincoln Park Zoo in January can now be seen at Brookfield Zoo, where he was transferred to join Brookfield's grey seal colony at the recommendation of the Association of Zoos (AZA) and Aquariums Grey Seal Species Survival Plan (SSP), officials say.

January 26, Fisher was born to 8-year-old seal Jersey, according to a press release.

"Unfortunately Jersey did not display appropriate maternal instincts to care for or protect the pup and human intervention was deemed necessary," the release states.

At that time, Animal Care staff at Lincoln Park Zoo provided around-the-clock support, including swimming lessons and solid foods independently and zoo officials say.

“It’s bittersweet to see Fisher leave Chicago, especially after around-the-clock care and feeding sessions, but he’s in good hands at his new home and we can’t wait to see him with a colony of his own.”

Fisher joins two-year-old grey seals Celia and Peanut at Brookfield.

“Introducing him to our two youngest grey seals provides an appropriate social grouping for him and we look forward to watching him grow,” said Rita Stacey, vice president of animal programs for the Chicago Zoological Society and coordinator of AZA’s Grey Seal SSP.

Lincoln Park Zoo's Kovler Seal Pool is now currently home to two grey seals, Charles and Jersey, and two harbor seals, Slater and Storm.

Grey seals have short necks, widely set nostrils, and few spots compared to some other seals, zoo officials say. Males can measure up to 7 feet long and weigh up to 700 pounds.

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