First Alleged Victim in Jared Fogle Sex Scandal Comes Forward

Analissa, 16, tells Dr. Phil she was only 14 when she started spending time with Jared Fogle's former foundation director Russell Taylor

The first alleged victim in the Jared Fogle sex scandal has come forward to share how she claims to have fallen victim to being secretly videotaped by the one-time Subway pitchman's former business partner Russell Taylor.

In an interview with Dr. Phil McGraw, 16-year-old Analissa, whose full name is not being released, said she was only 14 when she started spending time with Taylor, the then-executive director of the Jared Foundation.

It wasn't until a time later she claims to have found out she was being secretly recorded by the man, with graphic photos and videos being sent to Fogle. She also believes she was being manipulated during the friendship to eventually have sex with Taylor - which she says didn't happen. 

Analissa said it began innocently enough, at least she thought, hanging out at Taylor’s home.

“He seemed OK at first,” she told McGraw in a preview for the show airing Nov. 12. “He seemed like a nice person, but as time progressed, it kind of got creepier and creepier.”

When asked by McGraw what “creepy” meant to her, she said as she spent more time with Taylor, a weird feeling told her something strange was going on without her knowledge. And she said she soon found out that feeling was spot-on.

Analissa said the two mainly stayed inside Taylor’s house and didn’t go out much, unless it was to buy alcohol.

“The only time we did leave was to go to the liquor store,” she said.

She told McGraw that Taylor would buy them large amounts of alcohol, even though she was seven years under the legal drinking age. According to Analissa, now 16, they would return to the home and drink in “excessive” amounts.

Analissa told McGraw they typically drank vodka and beer. Sometimes they drank so much that she wouldn’t remember everything that happened the night before.

“I remember being very, very intoxicated,” she told McGraw. She said she can only hope nothing further happened, but she doesn’t know.

Multiple times she took off her clothes, the preview of Thursday’s show details, in instances such as taking showers, using the bathroom or changing clothes.

She had no idea at the time, she said, Taylor was taking photos and videos of her in the nude and sending them to Fogle, according to the "Dr. Phil" interview.

Analissa also told McGraw that Taylor would come into the bedroom when she was naked – all of which, she said, was captured by secret hidden cameras rigged throughout the home.

Taylor would also manipulate her with sexual comments in a way she said she believes was grooming her to have sex with him, according to the "Dr. Phil" preview.

“He was telling me that at 16 it was legal to have sex with anybody, at any age,” she said. "And he had me convinced to do that."

He would also ask if she had ever had orgasms, she said.

Analissa said it wasn’t until she saw Dr. Phil’s show weeks earlier, in which he featured Fogle’s secretly recorded phone calls where he allegedly bragged about his sexual crimes, she knew she had to tell her story.

Prosecutors allege Taylor, who has agreed to plead guilty to child exploitation and child pornography charges, secretly filmed many minors as they were naked, changing clothes, or engaged in other activities. Prosecutors said Fogle received photos and videos from Taylor of several of those 12 youths, although not all of them.

Analissa, who claims to be one of those 12 youths cited to be involved, is the first to publicly come forward. 

“He took my happiness, he took my trust, he took my pride, everything,” Analissa said in the "Dr. Phil" interview. “I feel so low. I feel like nothing.”

Fogle agreed on Aug. 19 to plead guilty to one count each of travelling to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor and distribution and receipt of child pornography. He is scheduled to be sentenced Nov. 19. It is not known whether Fogle was involved in Analissa's claims. 

When asked if she blames herself for the situation, Analissa told McGraw, “I do, a lot. I know now that wasn’t right for me to act that way. I know it wasn’t right to drink alcohol. I know it wasn’t right to let someone see you in no clothes and to let someone just talk to you that way. And I do blame myself a lot because I feel like I fed into it by letting him talk to me that way.”

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