First Section of Chicago Lakefront Trail Opens

Runners, walkers and bikers can look forward to less congestion on Chicago’s Lakefront Trail.

Friday, the first section of the Lakefront Trail Separation Project opened. The Lakefront Trail separation project from 31st to 41st Streets is now complete. Bicyclists are on one path. Runners are on another. Chicago’s entire lakefront trail is set to be split. The entire 18 miles will be separated by next year.

The lakefront trail separation project from 31st to 41st streets is complete. Bicyclists are on one path and runners are on another.

“It’ll allow people to enjoy the lakefront without hearing ‘on your left’, people can enjoy the lakefront without being scared about going out there and getting hit by a biker, or somebody rollerblading," said Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Chicago’s entire trail runs from Ardmore Avenue on the North Side to 71st Street on the South Side.

That’s 18 miles to split for cyclists and pedestrians.

It’s part of Emanuel’s initiative to invest in parks and open spaces.

"The path along the lakefront, all 18 miles, is a defining part of our past. With this investment, our lakefront is a defining element of our future," he said.

Crews will have the entire project complete in 2018.

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