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Bank Robber Throws Cash at Cop for Distraction

Two men, one juvenile held in Thursday heist at northwest side bank



    Bank Robber Throws Cash at Cop for Distraction
    Officers were on patrol when they heard an alarm go off at the First Merit bank location in the 2100 block of West North Avenue.

    One of three bank robbery suspects captured Thursday morning in the Wicker Park neighborhood tried to distract a pursuing police officer by throwing cash at him during a caper that seemed right out of a Hollywood movie.

    A juvenile and two men were taken into custody.

    Chicago Police officers in a marked squad car were on patrol about 11 a.m. when they heard an alarm go off at at a bank in the 2100 block of West North Avenue, according to News Affairs Officer John Mirabelli.

    "Two offenders with guns jumped the counter, took money from a teller and fled the scene, possibly through an alley," Mirabelli said.

    A bank employee was pointing at the suspects and police gave chase.

    "They [the officers] saw these guys running and they took three of them into custody. Two were armed with guns," he said.

    The one with the cash even tried an unusual way to throw the cops for a loop.

    "It was interesting, the offender with the money was throwing money at the officer, trying to distract him," Mirabelli said. "It was like a movie."

    All three are in custody, and police and the FBI remained on the scene Thursday afternoon, where cash was strewn across the street.

    "There is a lot of money (lying) on the street," according to Mirabelli. FBI spokesman Ross Rice said did not immediately know if a dye pack was included with the cash. The two adults will be charged federally, and the third suspect is not an adult and will be processed by juveniles authorities, Rice said.

    It was unclear how much money was taken.

    "The bank will have to do an audit," said Rice, who said he did not immediately know whether the arrestees are suspected in any other robberies.

    No one was injured and Mirabelli said reports of a fourth suspect were unfounded. Two weapons were recovered.

    "This was great proactive police work by these officers sparing anyone from any injuries, both citizens and employees from the bank," Mirabelli said.

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