First Family Attends Neighborhood Wedding

Wedding held down the street from their Kenwood home

The First Family emerged from their Kenwood home around 6 p.m. Saturday and walked down South Greenwood Avenue to attend a wedding at their neighbor's home.

President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle, and their daughters Malia and Sasha have been enjoying their first trip home together in two years. Some neighbors are enjoying their return, too.

"I took pictures of every black car in the motorcade and waved to every one of them because I didn't know which the president was in," said excited neighbor Mary Ann Smothers, who was hoping to catch a glimpse of the president at his home.

"I want to see the dress Michelle Obama wears to the wedding tonight," Smothers said.

The Obamas' trip coincides with the wedding of Laura Jarrett, the daughter of senior presidential advisor, Valerie Jarrett. Laura Jarrett married fellow Harvard Law grad Tony Balkissoon at her mother's house, down the street from the Obamas' home.

On Saturday evening, the White house confirmed the Obamas would be attending the wedding.

The guests also included Attorney General Eric Holder, Clinton administration adviser Vernon Jordan, and CEO of Ariel Investments, John Rogers, Jr.

Earlier in the day, NORAD intercepted two planes because of a temporary flight restriction in effect while the President is in town.

The Obamas arrived in Chicago on Friday and will celebrate part of Father's Day at their Kenwood home.

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