Fireball Lights Up Skies Over Midwest

Calls flooded law enforcement from Missouri to Milwaukee

The skies over northern Illinois lit up with a flash Wednesday night when what is believed to be a meteor streaked across the heavens.

At around 10 p.m. reports began flooding the National Weather Service offices from Milwaukee to St. Louis Missouri, as well as law enforcement agencies, that a fireball lit up the sky.

"A large meteorite could have caused the brilliant fireball that has been reported," the National Weather Service’s Milwaukee office said in statement.

The National Weather Service office in Chicago confirmed that the flash was a meteor that fell to earth. In Iowa, officials reported a prolonged sonic boom related to the streaking display.

Meteor hunters are trying to locate where it landed.

Officials say the meteor was part of an ongoing meteor shower called the Gamma Virginids that began April 4 and is expected to last through April 21, according to the Daily Herald.

The University of Wisconsin made a neat time-lapse animation of the display that you can view here.

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