Fire Officials Say Homes Need Approved Smoke Alarms by 2023

There were 105 residential fire deaths in 2018

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Illinois residents must get approved smoke alarms in their homes ahead of a 2023 deadline, according to the Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshall.

Among other things, a recent state law requires that all smoke alarms and detectors have a sealed 10-year battery by January 1, 2023, unless the alarms are hardwired into the residence. The idea is to improve safety because the batteries can't be removed for other things and don't need replacement as often.

There were 105 residential fire deaths in 2018 and more than 70% took place in homes without smoke alarms, fire officials said.

“A properly installed and functioning smoke alarm will give you and your family early warning to evacuate as quickly as possible before the circumstances become dire,” Fire Marshal Matt Perez said in a recent statement.

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