North Chicago

Fire Department Saves Horse in Dramatic Rescue

The North Chicago Fire Department was faced with a bizarre situation this week, as they were forced to navigate a “horse extrication.”

The department was called out to the parking lot of the Full Moon Restaurant on Wednesday morning after receiving a report that a horse was hanging half in and half out of a trailer window.

“As our crews arrived, they assessed and plotted out an amazing strategy to hoist the mare to safety, which included the decision that the safest way to remove the horse was to fashion a girth harness…and place it around the body of the horse,” Fire Chief Dell Urban said:

North Chicago Fire Department 'Horse Extrication'

A pick-up truck was used to support the horse’s front half during the extrication, and the mare survived with only minor cuts, according to the fire department.

Urban called the rescue a “once in a career scenario,” and praised the firefighters who teamed up to save the horse’s life. 

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