Obama Documentary Screened in Chicago

HBO to premier campaign movie Tuesday

In case you didn’t remember the excitement and media frenzy that surrounded Barack Obama’s election, now there’s a movie to refresh your memory.

The documentary film “By the People: The Election of Barack Obama,” was screened at the Cadillac Palace Theater in downtown Chicago Friday night, and will premiere on HBO Tuesday.

"It was a wonderful journey -- at a time when -- this country was so starved for idealism and a sense of purpose and a renewed sense of energy in our politics," said Presidential Advisor David Axelrod before the film’s screening.

Directed by Amy Rice and Alicia Sams, the film goes through many highlights of Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign with very emotional scenes.

"We just wanted to create a historical document for future generations to see and learn from and I'm pretty proud with what we ended up with," Sams told Chicago's NBC 5.

The documentary also shows never seen before footage of both Obama and First Lady Michelle talking about the months and weeks leading up to the Election Day victory.

"I had, you know, a lot of practical questions that I needed answers to before I could say, definitively that this is something that I could handle," Michelle Obama said.

Other interviews with key campaign organizers and staff members are also included in the movie, which shows the 24-hour coverage dedicated to the Obama’s campaign.

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