Felony Franks Files Suit Over Sign

Felony Franks owner, Jim Andrews, filed a suit claiming the city is denying free-speech rights by refusing him a sign

Felony Franks filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday accusing the city of denying free-speech rights for refusing its owner a sign permit for two years.

Jim Andrews is asking a judge to intervene and to order the city to allow him a sign, the Chicago Tribune reports.  Andrews is also seeking $239,000 for lost business for not having a sign.

The suit also alleges Andrews was denied due process rights for not acting on the permit application and tried to retaliate by seeking code violations that would allow the city to refuse the permit. 

Known for giving ex-felons a chance for employment at the stand, Andrews filed for a permit two years ago. Ald. Robert Fioretti, 2nd, never signed off on the request resulting in no action taken by the city. Fioretti said he didn't have a problem with Andrews' business practices, but believes the name sends an inappropriate message to high school students in a neighborhood trying to keep a positive image. 

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