‘Feeding Frenzy' Makes Illinois Fair Favorites Affordable

The Illinois State Fair will offer daily discounts on fair-food favorites this year with its "feeding frenzy."

Dozens of food vendors will participate by dropping prices on vinegar fries, cheese curds, lemon shake-up drinks and more from 2 to 5 p.m. each day of the fair.

The state fair runs from Aug. 8-18.

Kevin Gordon is Illinois State Fair manager. He says the fair should be "affordable and accessible to everyone." He says the promotion should alleviate costs for customers and increase business for vendors.

Fairgoers will be alerted to the day's feeding frenzy 15 minutes before it starts with the theme from the hit 1970s shark-attack movie "Jaws" playing over the loud speaker.

Face-stuffing time will end 15 minutes after the theme song plays again.

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