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FBI's Indiana Raid: Bombs, Guns and Dogs, Says Witness

Longtime resident lived with his brother, aggressive dogs



    FBI's Indiana Raid: Bombs, Guns and Dogs, Says Witness
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    FBI agents removed boxes of evidence and at least two dogs "trained to do bodily harm" from a house they raided over the weekend in Whiting, Indiana, according to a witness.

    The target of the raid, which took place on the 1900 block of Calumet Avenue, was arrested shortly afterwards in Clarendon Hills, Illinois, according to the FBI. The suspect was described as a caucasian man who lived at the property with his brother, according to the witness.

    The brothers lived there for at least six years, he said.

    The agency raided the home as part of an "ongoing criminal investigation being conducted by the FBI in Detroit," believed to be linked to the radical Christian group known as the Hutaree. The members of the group whose  describe themselves as Christian soldiers preparing for the arrival and battle with the anti-Christ.

    Agents carried away several boxes from the home, an employee at Gusto's Pizza, which is located directly adjacent to the raided property. 

    The FBI agents told employees of Gusto's Pizza to remain indoors during the operation, and would not let delivery men in or out of the building. At least one FBI agent mentioned bomb-making materials and firearms were part of the raid.

    FBI agents also removed two of three dogs that were considered "aggressive" and had been "trained to do bodily harm."

    A resident of the street, reached for comment, said he was told "not to say anything" and would not corroborate the witnesses claims.

    The FBI said no other information was available at this time, and that court documents concerning the raid were sealed.