Father Accused of Leaving Kids in Hot Pickup Truck While Heading Into Lake Forest Hospital

Authorities say a man left his two sons in a hot pickup truck for more than two hours while he went into Lake Forest Hospital on Monday.

Hospital security said they immediately called 911 around noon Monday when they heard 8- and 9-year-old boys honking for help.

Fortunately, the boys survived but that's not the case for countless other similar incidents.

Earlier Monday in Oakland Park, Florida, a 2-year-old died after being left inside a van at a day care--experts say that's the 24th child to die in a hot car this year.

"Leave a reminder in the back seat, something that you dont get through the day without looking at.... your phone, your wallet, your purse," advised Dr. Michelle Macy of Lurie Children's Hospital

A father in New York is also facing charges for the deaths of his one-year-old twins.

Juan Rodriguez, 39, sobbed in court this past weekend, saying he forgot his children in the car when he went to work. The twins' mother called it a "horrific accident" and defended her husband saying he’s a great father who’ll never forgive himself.

DCFS responded to the recently reported incident in Lake Forest, and the father, 32-year-old Brandon Wilson, faces charges of child endangerment.

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