23 Arrested During Wrigleyville Hawks Celebration

Wrigleyville revelers break through barricades, take over Clark Street

The Chicago Blackhawks thrilling Stanley Cup win set of a series of spontaneous celebrations across the city.

Police had planned to keep the revelers off of Clark Street in Wrigleyville, closing the street and setting up barricades near the heavy cluster of bars at Addison.

The plan worked for a short while, but eventually the crowd broke down the barricades and took to the street, setting off fireworks, chanting and dancing. Chicago Police said 23 arrests were made and 21 tickets were written by the end of the night.


A contingent of officers on horses eventually worked through the crowd shortly before midnight, and started to push the crowd south, although some of the people in the crowd started throwing bottles and cans of beer and at the horses.

Even though the game wasn't held at the United Center, fans converged outside the United Center to celebrate, and get their hands on some Stanley Cup Championship t-shirts, hot off the presses.

NBC 5's Rob Elgas also got the chance to feel what it's like to be the Stanley Cup.

A few blocks east on Madison Street, fans also poured out of the bars to celebrate the big win, although the celebration didn't get out of control.

Additional spontaneous street celebrations were reported at Division and State and in Lincoln Park, but did not get out of control.

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