UFC's Randy Couture on Fedor Emelianenko: ‘He Wants the Fight as Bad as I Do'

Filed under: , , UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture talked this week to Scott Lasky on MSG, and when the subject of Fedor Emelianenko came up, Couture said that he believes Fedor wants to fight him every bit as much as he wants to fight Fedor:

"He's a really nice guy," Couture said of meeting Fedor on a commercial shoot. "We had trouble not smiling at each other. He wants the fight as bad as I do. He wants to fight the best guys too."

I was a little surprised that Couture would say that Fedor wants the fight as much as he does. After all, Couture just gave up a year of his career to try to fight Fedor. Fedor has never made that kind of sacrifice to fight Couture.

After that, the subject turned to the possibility of sanctioned MMA fights in New York.

"I think we're getting there," Couture said of legalizing MMA in New York. "There's a huge fan base here. Madison Square Garden is fight central. Some of the best fights in the world have happened here so it would be very cool to fight there."

When there finally is an MMA fight in New York, here's hoping it's Fedor vs. Randy at Madison Square Garden.

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