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Family Still Searching for Answers After February Slayings

A mother, father, and an unborn child were gunned down earlier this year in an ambush attack in the city’s Chatham neighborhood, and their loved ones are still searching for closure.

Chicago police are still investigating the case, and are seeking out more information on what led to the February killings.

In that slaying, Willteah Jones and her fiancé Malik Bingham were fatally shot in the 7600 block of Champlain. Their unborn daughter, a girl they had named Mileah, was also killed in the attack.

Jones’ mother Valerie Weaver has filled her homes with reminders of her loved ones, and of all she has lost after the devastating attack. One room in her home is filled with the baby clothes and diapers that were purchased for the granddaughter that she didn’t get to meet.

“I kiss them and talk to them every morning and every night,” she said. “When I think about them, I just get up and kiss these things.”

This week, Weaver joined a group of supporters to blanket the Chatham neighborhood with fliers, looking for information to help police locate suspects in the slayings. Community activist Andrew Holmes and more than a dozen other family and friends were on hand to help Weaver.

“It may be days or weeks, but justice will be served,” Holmes said.

Weaver says she will continue to come back to the neighborhood for as long as it takes to locate the person responsible for killing her daughter and granddaughter.

“I just know that justice is coming. It is right around the corner,” she said. “I know it will be served.”

A $4000 reward is being offered for any information that leads to an arrest in the shootings, and those with information on the killings are being encouraged to call Chicago police. 

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