Family Shares Harrowing, Heartwarming Story After Delivering Son on Side of Road

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A local family will always have a funny story to tell about their son, but April Fool’s Day was admittedly a bit harrowing as they had to deliver the baby on a suburban Elgin roadway instead of at a local hospital.

Hudson Hayes made his grand debut into the world on Friday, and his parents say that he was a little too eager to join them.

The Hayes family says that they were headed east onto Route 72 on their way to Advocate Sherman Hospital in Elgin. Once Tim turned the car onto Randall Road, his wife Katie knew that the baby was on his way.

“My water broke,” she said. “I knew from there that we’re not gonna make it. We decided to keep going, and I figured we’d get as close as we can to the hospital.”

Tim and Katie say that they were not even a half-mile from the hospital’s main entrance, along Fox Lane, when things became much more urgent.

“We got to Fox, and his head’s out,” she said. “(I said) ‘I can’t do this anymore. I need help.’”

“Randall’s pretty busy, so I wasn’t going to cross traffic there,” Tim added. “So I put it in park, hopped up on the center console. I helped her with my hand behind his head, and my finger in his armpit and on his shoulder. She did all the work, a couple of pushes and I was able to pull him out.”

Tim, a football and wrestling coach at a high school in Carpentersville, applied some admirable driving and delivery skills, while keeping things together for his youngest son. His wife even says that he didn’t drive through any red lights on the way to the hospital.

“We’re a good team. We work well together,” Katie said with a laugh.

Now, Hudson Fox, his middle name derived from the street where he was delivered, is getting all the love from his siblings, and his parents say that if they have any additional kids, they’ll try to get to the hospital just a little bit sooner.

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