Family of Suburban Man Killed in Ethiopian Airlines Crash Sues Boeing

The family alleges Boeing knew the design of the aircraft was rushed and faulty

A local woman has filed a lawsuit against Boeing after her husband was killed in the crash of a 737 Max 8 jet, accusing the company of negligence in his death.

“My husband’s death is a direct result of corporate greed gone wrong,” Yalena Lopez-Lewis said on Wednesday as she and her family announced the suit.

The lawsuit was filed after 39-year-old Army Captain Antoine Lewis was killed when Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashed in March, killing all 157 people on board the aircraft.

The lawsuit alleges that Boeing rushed a faulty air control system design in the Max 8 jet, and misled the public, its investors, and customers about the flaw.

Lewis’ family is also calling on U.S. carriers to ban the jet from the skies.

“I think everyone should be scared to fly another 737 Max even if it gets certified,” Attorney Antonio Romanucci said. “There may be another bug that comes out.”

On Wednesday, Boeing reported a second quarter loss of nearly $3 billion, which comes after the 737 Max was grounded following the deadly crashes of Ethiopian Flight 302 and Lion Air Flight 610.

In their response to the lawsuit, Boeing said it “extends our deepest condolences” to families, including the Lewis’, who lost loved ones in the crashes.

“As the investigations continue, Boeing is cooperating fully with the investigating authorities. We won’t comment on the lawsuits directly,” the company said.

Boeing announced that is has dedicated $50 million of a previously announced $100 million fund to provide financial assistance of victims of the families.

Lopez-Lewis, who is also in the United States Army, says she wants accountability, change, and closure after the crash that claimed her husband’s life.

“My husband and I both fear God, and that’s what is keeping me through this, and helps me be okay,” she said.

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