Family of Missing Riverdale Woman Searching for Answers After Police Identify Her Body on Chicago Beach

"We want to know what actually happened"

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The family of missing Riverdale woman, Davane Gross, said they are still searching for answers after police identified her body Saturday morning on a South Side beach.

Officials identified 22-year-old Gross, whose body was found on Oakwood Beach on Chicago's South Side, as the woman missing from Riverdale since nearly Halloween.

Krista Gross, Davane's aunt, said her body washed up on the shore with an ID in her pocket. She said the family is still searching for answers.

"That's what I want to know -- how did she end up in the water?" Krista said. "we got questions. We want to know what actually happened."

She added that Davane was scared of water, so it was unusual that she would have gone there to "clear her head," as she told her family.

Krista said she will miss her niece's dimples, smile, love and affection most, saying she was always thoughtful and bright.

"At every Mother's Day, every birthday -- and I have a lot of nieces and nephews -- but she never forgot," Krista said.

Until her body was found, Davane had not been seen or heard from since she left her home in Riverdale in the morning of Nov. 1, officials report.

Krista said she was last seen the day after Halloween in the morning at about 6 a.m. and last heard from at about 9 a.m. Davane's last known whereabouts were at the lakefront near the Shedd Aquarium, where she went to "clear her head," according to her aunt.

"We're not gonna stop," Krista said shortly after she went missing. "We're gonna bring you home baby, we're gonna bring you home."

Krista said Davane was at her grandparents' house Halloween night, talking with her grandfather when her aunt left the house. Later that night, Davane reportedly went to her stepmom's house at about 3 a.m.

At about 6 a.m., Krista said Davane told her family she was going back to her grandparents' house. When she didn't make it back, Krista called her around 8 a.m. to ask where she was, to which Davane explained she went to the lakefront.

Krista said Davane's stepsister FaceTime called her around 9 a.m. and saw she was by the Shedd Aquarium. Davane had not been seen since.

"Between there and now, we don't know," Krista said. "This is so unlike her. One thing Davane does all the time -- she stays in contact with her older brother. She hasn't contacted, it's nothing. We haven't heard anything."

Krista explaiend Davane has been working, trying to find a job and deciding about further schooling. Davane played basketball for St. Joe's in Westchester before receiving a sports scholarship and wants to become a WNBA player, according to her aunt.

Cheneae Jones, Davane's cousin, asked for help from anyone, saying they are a "very close knit family" and this has been already been a "rough year."

"It's been a whole seven days," Jones said. "The glimmer of hope starts to diminish."

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