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"He Committed Suicide"

Colin Dalebroux lost a 15-year battle with depression



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    The family of Colin Dalebroux, the man who used a pipe bomb to end his life Tuesday, confirmed their son took his own life.

    "We are devastated that our beloved son, Colin Dalebroux, lost his 15 year battle with depression," the Dalebroux family said in a statement. "We know that Colin committed suicide. We have no other public statement to make and we ask that our privacy be respected during this deeply painful time for our family and Colin's many friends."

    Dalebroux, a 2008 graduate of Madison West High School, was found dead near an Evanston middle school Tuesday.  A man on an early-morning walk with his dog made the discovery about an hour after neighbors reported hearing a loud explosion.  Police checking the area after fielding calls about the noise reported not finding anything unusual.

    Due to the close proximity of the crime scene to Nichols Middle School, classes were canceled on Tuesday and Wednesday as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of children, faculty and staff, according to Evanston district officials.

    Headless Man Found Near Bombs

    [CHI] Headless Man Found Near Bombs
    A man walking his dog discovered a body that had been decapitated by an explosive device near a middle school in Evanston. Another unexploded device lying near the body has since been detonated by authorities.
    (Published Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2010)

    The school will reopen Thursday for classes.