Morton Grove

Family Fights to Keep Pet Pig in Their Suburban Home

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A family in Morton Grove told NBC 5 it is prepared to fight for their pet miniature pig after the village received a complaint about the animal and said that it had to be rehomed.

“Cotton” the pig has lived with the Minx family for more than six years. 

Tracy Minx said she researched the animal type before buying Cotton to make sure they would not grow large. She and her husband gave Cotton to her daughter, Storm, as a gift in 2014.

“When we got (Cotton) she was specifically bought as a pet,” Minx said. “She was fixed shortly after birth and microchipped.”

Minx said Cotton has never lived outside and has never been without people.

The Village of Morton Grove, however, said a neighbor filed a complaint about the pig and the Minx family was issued a citation on May 5. The village’s municipal code prohibits farm animals, including pigs.

However, the Minx family argues Cotton is a domesticated pet.

“Cotton has never lived outside. She’s never been without people,” Minx said. “She’s house-trained. It’s just like your cat or your dog, So how can you say it doesn’t belong with us?”

Storm Minx said the village ordinances are “out of date.”

“I will fight for her because Cotton is my animal. She’s the love of my life. She’s sweet, she’s adorable,” said Storm Minx. “I can describe her in so many ways, but I feel like the smile on my face is all that I can say right now.”

The village said the citation is currently in the adjudication process.

The family said they will plead their case to the village on June 1.

The family has support from the public, as more than 3,000 people have signed an online petition in favor of Cotton being allowed to stay with the Minx family.

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