Family Challenges Police Account of Chicago Cyclist's Injuries

A Chicago man did not fall from his bike and injure himself, as police say, but was more likely struck by a hit-and-run driver, his family said Wednesday.

The last thing 20-year-old Joshua Rodriguez remembers is approaching the intersection at Diversey and Karlov Monday on the city's Northwest Side.

"It looks like he was dragged. It doesn't look like he just fell off the bike," Claudia Jimenez, Rodriguez's aunt, said. "His injuries look like he was dragged."

His aunt has been bedside at the hospital since. Police say someone flagged an officer down after finding her nephew on the ground.

"They had to insert a tube to let the air out so that his lung doesn't collapse," Jimenez said.

Rodriguez has stitches in his face, fractures on his shoulder blade and collarbone. He's unable to eat without help from his girlfriend.

"We refuse to believe that he just fell off this bike and we mainly want to know what happened because he doesn't remember anything at all," Jimenez said.

Police are not investigating this as a hit and run.

Leaving family members with more questions than answers--based off the severity of his injuries.

"They just ruled it like an accident. Like he just fell off his bike," Jimenez said.

Rodriguez's family believes there are witnesses but none have come forward. So far--surveillance video has yet to surface.

"Not only the physical damages but, you know, him thinking about the financial burdens, he's going to be out of work for a while," Jimenez said.

Police are not looking for suspects in the case.

A GoFundMe page that has already raised almost $1,000 for his medical bills--the goal, family says, is $15,000.

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