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Families React After COPA Calls Officer-Involved Shooting ‘Not Justified'

After the Civilian Office of Police Accountability ruled that the shooting deaths of Quintonio LeGrier and Bettie Jones were "not justified," the victims' families spoke out. 

"The truth is out, and I can't thank you enough COPA," LeGrier's mother Janet Cooksey said. 

LeGrier was shot and killed by Chicago police officer Robert Rialmo in Dec. 2015. LeGrier called 911 three times for a domestic disturbance at his father's West Side home, and when officers arrived on the scene Rialmo says that the 19-year-old swung it at him. 

Rialmo then opened fire, striking LeGrier and Jones, a neighbor. Both were later pronounced dead. 

A prosecutor opted not to file charges in the case, but the civilian board says that "a reasonable officer" would not have believed he was in danger of death or serious injury. 

According to the investigation, shell casings and witnesses indicate that Rialmo was farther away from LeGrier than the officer said. 

"That's what's wrong with the police. Y'all have to stop shooting first and asking questions last," Cooksey said. 

Jones' family issued a statement, saying that they are "simply advocating for not only justice for their mother, but reform, transparency, and accountability by indicting Robert Rialmo and firing him." 

Both families are suing the Chicago police department and the city of Chicago. Police now have 90 days to decide on a punishment for the officer. 

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