Falling Debris Smashes Car on Lake Shore Drive

25 to 30 pound piece of cement falls on car

A motorist driving down Lake Shore Drive was shocked when a chunk of falling debris struck his windshield Sunday afternoon.

"It was like an explosion on the windshield," said Tom Driscoll who was grateful he did not suffer any injuries.

Driscoll was driving North on Lower Lake Shore Drive when the debris smashed into
the upper driver side of his windshield, shattering the side of the window and
denting a small section on the roof of his car.

A witness said the 25 to 30 pound piece of cement fell from the overpass and hit the vehicle.

"Had it been one half of a second earlier, I wouldn't be standing here today," Driscol added.

The Department of Streets and Sanitation was on scene to remove the debris from the roadway.

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