Fake Kid Cop Busted for Third Time

Judge orders teen back into custody

For a kid who wanted to be a cop, he's not obeying the law very well.

The 15-year-old teen who faked his way onto the Chicago police force earlier this year is back in custody for not following the rules of his probation.

Judge Andrew Berman ruled Thursday that the boy had violated the terms of his probation after officials found he wasn't home during several court-ordered checks at his home this summer, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Under his probation, the youngun' was only allowed to leave his house for church, school or a medical emergency. 

A home confinement officer told Judge Berman he saw the youth playing football outside his home. The boy testified he was was waiting for someone to pick him up for therapy. The teen was also homeless for three days after he and his mother had an argument and she threw him out of their South Side house, according to the Tribune. 

The judge reprimanded the boy for lying about events to avoid getting in trouble. 

In January, the then 14-year-old embarrassed the police department after he was able to report for work dressed as an officer at the Grand Crossing District station and perform duties for five hours without being noticed.

The kid cop was arrested again in May after he drove off a car lot in a Lexus and cut off a police officer. He was charged that time with trespassing and possession of a stolen vehicle. 

The teen is expected back in court Sept. 29 for sentencing.

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