Wedding Band Lost in Grocery Bag Returned to Owner

A northwest Indiana grocery clerk lost her most precious possessions--her wedding band and engagement ring.

But with a lot of help from her family--and people she didn't even know--she got it back.

Michelle Cronch lost her husband in November. Earlier this month she lost the wedding band and engagement ring he gave her on their wedding day.

"I didn’t think I was never gonna see them again," she told NBC 5.

Monday night she cried tears of joy in an interview in which she recalled being reunited with her wedding band and engagement ring.

"Since I lost my husband- these were the only thing I had left," she said.

Cronch lost her rings on New Year’s Day while working as a bagger at the Strack and Van Til grocery store in Schererville.

The rings, she said, fell off in two separate bags of groceries.

"I thought 'oh my God, no,' I started crying," she remembered.

Cronch’s daughter Dawn Triemstra couldn’t bear to see her mother’s pain so she and her husband Rob took action.

Rob is a Dolton firefighter and composed a Facebook post which quickly went viral.

"All of a sudden we saw (the post) being shared like crazy," Dawn said.

Amazingly, the woman who found Cronch’s wedding band was friends with a Dolton firefighter and saw the post.

"It meant the world to see my mom just smile," Dawn said.

A few days later— someone anonymously returned Cronch’s engagement ring to the grocery store.

"Thank you so much," Cronch said. "And God bless you for doing this."

This isn’t going to keep her from wearing her rings, she said.

She got them resized over the weekend to make sure they don’t fall off again.

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