Facebook Now Looking Out for Small Biz

Facebook logo final
Getty Images

Some might feel the whole social-media landscape is entirely too cluttered, but Facebook has found a way to stand out that should please small-business owners.

In direct opposition to Google+'s recent announcement that the search engine's new enterprise won't be available to businesses or organizations for some time,  Facebook this week unveiled a small-business education program that lays out exactly how small businesses can optimize their profiles to get maximum exposure.

And since this is the colossus Facebook, it isn't pussyfooting around: It's giving away $10 million of advertising credits and has partnered with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and National Federation of Independent Business for this undertaking. You could say Facebook means business.

The initiative is currently a three-tiered plan, kicking off first this week with webinars and tutorials, escalating in October with a traveling road show to raise awareness, and shifting gears in January when Facebook will award $50 ad credits to 200,000 businesses.

Bad news for everyone annoyed by Facebook and the word "webinar," but you can check it all out here. Get to it.

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