Experts Warn Motorists to be Careful of Deer on Roadways

As fall approaches, an uptick in the deer population is causing a problem for drivers as they use roads near nature preserves.

Wildlife experts say that deer populations tend to spike in the fall, and the animals frequently cross roadways as the season progresses.

“October through December are the biggest times for deer to be breeding,” Rose Augustine of the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County said. “This time of year they’re also seeking alternative food sources before winter.”

According to authorities, there have been two deer-related crashes in Aurora. In one of the accidents, a driver was extracted from their vehicle after they hit a utility pole while swerving to avoid a deer.

Wildlife experts recommend not swerving to avoid deer, and to be cautious around dawn and dusk when the animals are the most active.

“If you do see one, the best thing we can recommend is slowing down,” Augustine said. 

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