Ex Groupon CEO Set to Release Music Album

It appears former Groupon CEO Andrew Mason is taking his entrepreneurial skills in a new direction… music.

Mason, who was fired from Groupon in February, announced on his blog Thursday that he is set to release an album July 2, “just in time for American audiences to incorporate into Fourth of July festivities.”

The album, titled Hardly Workin’, is intended to help increase motivation in the workplace and will be available on sites like iTunes and Spotify Tuesday, Mason said in his post.

Mason said he would reveal more about the album after it is released but shared the album’s cover image and track list including titles:

1. Look No Further
2. The Way to Work
3. My Door is Always Open
4. Risin' Above the Pack
5. K.I.S.S.
6. Stretch
7. It's Up to Us

Earlier in his blog, Mason wrote:

I managed over 12,000 people at Groupon, most under the age of 25. One thing that surprised me was that many would arrive at orientation with minimal understanding of basic business wisdom. "Haven't you read any business books? Good to Great? Winning? The One Minute Manager?" I'd ask. "Business books? Not really our thing," was the typical response. I came to realize that there was a real need to present business wisdom in a format that is more accessible to the younger generation. 

It was with this in mind that I spent a week in LA earlier this month recording Hardly Workin', a seven song album of motivational business music targeted at people newly entering the workforce. These songs will help young people understand some of the ideas that I've found to be a key part of becoming a productive and effective employee. I'm really happy with the results and look forward to sharing them as soon as I figure out how to load music onto iTunes, hopefully in the next few weeks. 

In previous posts, Mason also announced his recent move to San Francisco and plans to provide support to Chicago’s startup scene.

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