Every Chicagoan Can Relate to This Dad's Hilarious Reaction to Birthday Shot of Malört

It's known as a rite of passage in the city, albeit an unpleasant one for many

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If you've ever lived in Chicago, chances are you know what's considered the "Malört face."

It's known as a rite of passage in the city, albeit an unpleasant one for many.

But for one father celebrating his birthday, that special moment was caught on camera and his relatable reaction caught the attention of many on social media.

Marianna Papageorgiu, posted footage on TikTok of her father, Panagos, trying the popular liquor for the first time.

"Cheers. Thank you for hosting my birthday," her dad is heard saying as he holds up a shot glass.

He then sniffs the beverage before taking a small swig.

The look on his face after that first sample is one of confusion, uncertainty and possibly an explosion of flavors.

"Chicago folks know what's up," the caption on the video read.

Even after his initial reaction, Panagos Papageorgiu takes an even bigger sip out of the glass before indicating the sensation the beloved and powerful liquor left in his throat.

Those familiar with Malört know what the almost unavoidable, and hilarious, reaction to a shot of the beverage looks like - as the comments on the video were quick to point out.

"As a Chicagoan, I would've known exactly what happened by that face without the captions lol," one user wrote.

"That’s a malort face if I’ve ever seen one!" another said.

Others complimented the man on his mild response.

"Give this gentleman EVERYTHING - he took a sniff, managed a smile and was gracious throughout!" one user said.

"That might be the classiest reaction to the…experience… of tasting Malört for the first time," another commenter said.

The liquor is notoriously known in Chicago as the “revenge shot."

Malört's “popularity” in the city began during the prohibition, where it was distributed by Carl Jeppson as “medicinal alcohol.” It has since become the infamous beverage that teases your tastebuds at first, then brutally transforms into the bitterness that is wormwood.

If you're not familiar with the Malört face, Chicago Today host Matthew Rodrigues can offer you another look here.

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