New Study Shows Chicago is a Top Nightlife City

Party lovers, Chicago is your city.

A new study by the event coordinating company Eventbrite analyzed data from nightlife events in the top six metro areas in its market last year, and Chicago came out on top in many categories.

The Windy City topped San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Austin with the heaviest drinkers at nightlife events, with 27 percent of them reporting they throw back five or more drinks in a night.

Chicago also boasts a higher than average number of events -- 20 percent -- that are focused on food and drink. To compare, the average is 8 percent. And when it comes to late-night snacks, Chicago beats out New York in its pizza consumption with 65 percent of Chicagoans reporting pizza is their late-night snack of choice. New York falls short at 61 percent.

The study also found that Chicagoans -- and New Yorkers -- don't just go out for drinks. More than 25 percent of them also use nightlife events to meet someone special.

Finally, Chicago also tops the list of most festive cities with a high number of holiday-related nightlife events.

The study also broke down how each of the six cities spends their money -- and how much they spend -- in a typical night out. Chicagoans spend about $90 on a night out, with tickets ($38) and drinks ($29) eating most of the cost. The average for a night out in all six of the metro areas is $81.

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