Even King James Says Pay Forte

At Grizzly Detail, we have long believed that the Bears need to pay Matt Forte. Though they'll have a way to hold onto the team's best running back since Walter Payton via the franchise tag, that doesn't mean that he shouldn't get paid at the top of the market. Fans have held up signs at games, a Twitter hashtag of #PayForte was born, and the T-Shirt Deli even created a t-shirt with the sentiment.

Now, a certain basketball player with a history of leaving town to follow the money is behind Forte. When discussing his favorite football players, LeBron James ranked Forte in his top five running backs. "My Top 5 RB's in the NFL: 1.AP 2. Arian Foster 3. LeSean McCoy 4. Matt Forte(Pay him please!) 5. Ray Rice."

Granted, professional athlete solidarity is at a particularly high point, with the NBA players locked out not long after the NFL lockout ended. Still, it shows that the Pay Forte movement has grown well beyond on Chicago. It even made it down to South Beach. King James sees the value in paying the man. Nobody wants to see Forte have to take his talents to Miami or anywhere elsewhere. Pay Forte!

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