Evanston’s “The Keg” Tapped

Establishment loses liquor license after being cited 19 times this month for underage drinking

The Keg, a popular Evanston bar, had its liquor license revoked Monday after receiving what officials said was its 19th citation for underage drinking this month.

"It is always an extremely difficult decision to revoke a license of a local business, but I have to also consider the health and welfare of the community as a whole," Evanston Mayor and Liquor Commissioner Elizabeth Tisdahl said in a statement. "Serving minors alcohol is a serious matter that cannot be left unaddressed."

One Northwestern University student, who said he'd never been there himself, said people he knows has said there are often high school students at the bar.

The Keg's fate may have been sealed by a series of apparently satirical Tweets the city attributes to the bar:

"Tuesday equals booze day. IDs are optional. Kidding!"

"... because of the loss, Ohio State University fans need to bring three forms of ID to The Keg while NU fans just bring your WildCard."

The WildCard is Northwestern University's student ID card.

Whoever managed that Twitter account later said it was unaffiliated with the bar and deleted the account.

This isn't the first time The Keg has lost its license. It was temporarily suspended nearly two years ago following complaints of underage drinking. It was also temporarily suspended in 2005 by then-mayor Lorraine Morton after an Evanston man was shot and killed there.

Tisdahl's decision prohibits bar owner Tom Migon from applying for any liquor license in Evanston. Migon's attorney, Todd Stephens, had no comment.

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