Evanston Police to Increase Presence at Eight CTA Stations

More patrol officers will be stations at Howard, Main, Dempster, Davis, Foster, Central, Noyes and South Boulevard

The Evanston Police Department has announced a planned increase in police presence at eight CTA stations in the suburb due to a recent robbery and an increase in terror stories in the news.

The transit stations in Evanston have not been the target of any specific threats recently, but police have received alerts from the federal government warning them to be cautious. The decision to increase police presence comes after a recent robbery on the Purple Line and the imminent release of the Charlie Hebdo magazine, Evanston police said.

Evanston police are increasing the number of patrol officers stationed at the CTA stops at Howard, Main, Dempster, Davis, Foster, Central, Noyes and South Boulevard, according to the Daily Northwestern. All of these stations are served by the Purple Line.

"You turn on any news station and you see ... talks about terrorist attacks on people and on law enforcement," Joseph Dugan, the Evanston police commander, told the student newspaper. "There's just a feeling going on ... so we're just trying to be out there and visible and step up our presence there for that reason."

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