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Evanston Officials Say 1 Arrested, Officer Hurt in Clashes Saturday

file photo of police sirens

Evanston police say one person was arrested and at least one officer was injured after a group of approximately 150 protesters marched through downtown Saturday night.

According to authorities, pepper spray was deployed after individuals in the crowd began to throw rocks and bricks at police officers, while others shot fireworks at officers during the incident.

“Some protesters threw bricks at police officers, shined high-powered lasers into their eyes and threw lit fireworks and smoke bombs at the officers,” a spokesperson for Northwestern University said in an email.

Police say officers deployed pepper spray, but did not use tear gas, which had been rumored on social media.

One officer was injured in the incident after being hit in the eye by a firework, authorities said.

“The city of Evanston and the Evanston Police Department support and respect the rights of all individuals to protest peacefully and safely in Evanston,” police said in a statement. “However, those harming the health and safety of officers and the public, damaging property, or otherwise violating the law will be arrested.”

A Northwestern spokesperson said that the school is awaiting additional information on the incident, and that any students found in violation of school policies will “be held accountable” for their actions.

There were at least 18 reports of property damage in connection with the incident, according to authorities.

The woman arrested during the incident is a student at Northwestern. She was released from police custody Sunday morning, authorities said.

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