House Ethics Committee Investigating Rep. Peter Roskam

The U.S. House Committee on Ethics said Friday it plans to investigate Rep. Peter Roskam, R-Wheaton.

"The Chairman and Ranking Member of the Committee on Ethics have jointly decided to extend the matter regarding Representative Peter Roskam, which was transmitted to the Committee by the Office of Congressional Ethics on June 13, 2013," a statement reads.

Roskam, considered a rising star in the Republican Party, is now the chief deputy whip of the House of Representatives, ranking him fourth among Republican leaders.

Roskam on Friday said he did nothing wrong. 

“The record reflects that Rep. Roskam fully complied with all laws, rules, and procedures related to privately sponsored travel," Roskam's spokeswoman Amy Christenson said in a statement. "The trip was vetted and approved by the House Ethics Committee, the body legally authorized to make determinations on Congressional conduct.   The OCE is wrong to take issue with the involvement of the Government of Taiwan in planning and conducting the trip, a matter that is routine, allowed under the law, and was known to the House Ethics Committee as they thoroughly vetted and approved the trip.  Rep. Roskam will continue to fully cooperate, having already turned over every document and communication, made himself and his staff available for interview, waived his right to confidentiality with the House Ethics Committee, and otherwise provided any and all information regarding the trip to OCE.  Rep. Roskam is taking the extraordinary step of voluntarily releasing the non-public OCE report and materials relating to their review.  He fully expects the clear and indisputable facts of the case to speak for themselves, that both he and his staff have acted in accordance with all laws, rules, and regulations.  Rep. Roskam and his staff have fully followed House Ethics Committee procedures to take an approved, appropriate, and informative trip to a key U.S. strategic ally.”

The statement notes the Committee on Ethics will announce “its course of action in this matter on or before Wednesday, September 11, 2013.”

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