Erin Martin Blames Cee Lo for “The Voice” Ouster

Wicker Park singer relieved to be off NBC reality show

Having a mentor like Cee Lo Green would seem to be a dream for any budding singer, but not so much for Wicker Park's Erin Martin.

The singer was ousted from NBC's "The Voice" this week, but instead of disappointment, she says she was "relieved" it was over. And places some of the blame on Green, who guided her on the show.

"I think it was a good lesson for Cee Lo in this particular instance, that when you come across a voice like mine you really have to nurture it. He wasn't the right person to do that, no offense to him ... he wasn't," Martin told Access Hollywood.

"The control was in my hands of how I sang it, and when I gave the creative control over, it didn't go so well."

Martin sang The Bangles' track "Walk Like An Egyptian" for her performance on Monday. She felt that It didn't showcase her voice very well.

"It looked great, but if you can't hear my just isn't a song that is tailored for my voice," Martin said.

Marting also said that she didn't feel like any of the other judges would have been able to help her on the show. She plans on returning to Chicago to continue pursuing her music career.

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