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Teen Gets 26 Years in Prison for Fenger Beating

Eric Carson, 17, entered guilty plea to first-degree murder charges



    Teen Gets 26 Years in Prison for Fenger Beating
    Fenger High School

    A teenager charged in the 2009 beating death of Fenger High School student Derrion Albert was sentenced to 26 years in prison Friday.

    Judge Nicholas Ford imposed the sentence shortly after Eric Carson, 17, entered a guilty plea to first-degree murder at the criminal courthouse at 26th and California.

    Reports the Chicago Tribune:

      Dozens of supporters who were crammed into the gallery of Ford’s courtroom cried loudly as the hearing came to a close, some shouting  “No!” while one woman yelled, “26 years? That’s crazy!” Several of the spectators raised arms in salute as Carson was returned to the lockup.

      Members of Albert’s family also attended the hearing but left before the emotional scene played out.

      Both families declined to comment.

    Carson was one of several youths allegedly involved in the notorious Sept. 24 incident, which was recorded by a passerby and viewed worldwide on the Internet.

    On Tuesday, a 15-year-old was sentenced to prison until his 21st birthday for his involvement in the fatal beating.

    Last week, a jury found another of those charged in Albert’s death, Silvonus Shannon, 20, guilty of murder.

    Shannon awaits sentencing and two others await trial in the case.