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Empire State Building had a ‘spicy' response to news ‘The Bean' reopened in Chicago

The New York building targeted Chicago's "The Bean" on social media, sparking plenty of reaction

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The Empire State Building apparently has a beef with Chicago's popular "The Bean" structure -- and the famed New York building made its thoughts known on social media.

Responding to a post on X, formerly Twitter, about "The Bean" officially reopening after nearly a year of construction-related closures, the Empire State Building shared a clip of Wendy Williams asking the audience on her show to "clap if you care."

The post sparked plenty of reaction.

"Spicy," one user wrote.

"The beef I didn't know I needed," another commented.

Some defended Chicago's Cloud Gate with memes and gifs.

"I know a building that’s filled with Asbestos isn’t speaking?!" one user wrote.

After 10 months of construction, Chicago’s iconic “Bean” sculpture officially reopened in Millennium Park Sunday.

According to officials, the area around “The Bean,” which is officially known as “Cloud Gate,” was reopened to the public Sunday morning after a lengthy construction project that began in August 2023.

According to the city, the massive project included a complete rebuild of the podium around the sculpture, with new stairs, accessible ramps and brand new pavers installed around the site. A new waterproofing system was also installed, according to a press release.

“The Bean” was unveiled to the public in 2004, and a variety of finishing touches were finally installed before the sculpture was formally dedicated in 2006.

According to Anish Kapoor, the sculptor whose design was chosen during the construction of Millenium Park, the design was inspired by liquid mercury. Its unique shape provides for reflections of the city skyline and also casts altered reflections and even multiple reflections of individuals walking next to and underneath it.

It's not the first time New York has targeted the structure, however.

Last year, a smaller version of Chicago's "Cloud Gate" sculpture was unveiled in New York City, sparking comparison and debate.


In February, a smaller version of Chicago's iconic 'Cloud Gate' sculpture, more commonly known as 'The Bean,' was unveiled in New York City. So the question is... which city has the better 'Bean'? #chicago #newyork #chicagobean

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