Emery's Draft Was Very Un-Angelo

Well, Chicago, we got what we wanted.

The first post-Jerry Angelo draft was remarkably un-Jerry Angelo-esque. Shea McClellin, the first-round draft pick, is not a big name and didn't have much pre-draft buzz.

Alshon Jeffrey has been criticized for not being as in-shape as he should be.

Evan Rodriguez had character questions and reported arrests in his background. In fact, the only Jerry Angelo draft tradition that Phil Emery continued was the annual drafting of a safety.

Don't forget. This is what we wanted. Angelo's futility at the draft, particularly in the early rounds, is a big reason why the Bears could not get over the Super Bowl-winning hump. In the final game of 2011, not one of the big name first round draft picks drafted by Jerry Angelo played for the Bears.

His strategy didn't work, so the Bears moved on. Emery, who has a background in college scouting and is known to be a workhorse when studying up on players, picked players who didn't turn any heads. No Bears fan said, "YES!" when Roger Goodell read the name Shea McClellin. In fact, most Bears fans said, "Who?"

It wasn't a draft like Chicago has experienced in years, but isn't that exactly what we were hoping for?

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