Embattled Congressman's Surrogate Cites Satan in Re-election Bid

Jesse Jackson Jr. faces no small challenges in his re-election run in the Congressional 2nd District.

According to a Jackson surrogate, speaking at a news conference Monday, Satan is behind the opposition.

Between 40 and 60 ministers on Monday joined Jackson to endorse his re-election campaign. They're prepared for a fight, and Pastor Willie James Campbell even denounced the "satanic forces" that want to defeat their man.  

Satanic forces could be aligned against the congressman in some ethereal space, but here on earth Jackson Jr. has real problems.

On one hand, opponent Debbie Halvorson has given Jackson some of the toughest competition he's seen so far.

On the other, an anti-incumbent, Texas-based Super Pac apparently also wants to take out the congressman.

“He thinks the Super PAC is trying to buy a House seat," Halvorson said last week. "I think the question is did he try to buy a Senate seat?”

So, how does Jackson plan to battle the forces of evil, and more earthly opposition to his campaign?

Jackson is tying himself closely with President Barack Obama.

At a time when Democrats are running from Obama support, Jackson is fully embracing it. Last week, a billboard popped up in Chicago featuring Jackson with Obama and a message reading, "Jackson for Congress: Together, fighting for you."

On Monday, the big campaign sign on the podium featured Obama's name on top of Jackson's. 

"I introduced them to Barack Obama," Jackson said of the group of pastors. He followed with a long explanation of his ties to the president.

"He's standing with us," Jackson said.

Will it work?  

"My church isn't in the 2nd district but my members are," said Dr Byron Brazier. "You have my full and 100-percent support," he adds.

Pastor Walter Turner said Monday the pastors refuse to allow "anyone to pick our leaders.

"We know who's capable to lead us," Turner said. "They want a fight, we will fight.".  

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