Emanuel's Pro-Teacher Video Slammed on Social Media

The mayor's video commemorating Teacher Appreciation Day wasn't well-received on social media

Mayor Rahm Emanuel faced harsh blowback from social media users after posting a video to his Facebook page commemorating Teacher Appreciation Day on Tuesday.

“To all the teachers out in Chicago, I know it’s been a difficult year but your work is tremendously rewarding and Chicago’s been better off, and continues to be better off, because you’re giving our children a chance at a better and brighter future,” Emanuel said in the video.

Facebook users responded, posting mostly negative responses in the video’s comments section. By Wednesday afternoon, the video had more than 22,000 views.

“You thank them by closing schools, union busting and laying off teachers,” one user wrote. “You don’t get to act like you care about teachers.”

“This is a joke” another user wrote. “You have no appreciation for teachers.”

Nevertheless, some users had a more positive perspective on the video.

“Wow hopefully a sign of turning over a new leaf,” one user wrote.

The Chicago Teachers Union has been locked in an ongoing contract battle with Chicago Public Schools and the city. Teachers will meet Wednesday to discuss a possible strike date.

According to state law, the earliest the teachers could go on strike is May 16, but as reported earlier this week, there's talk that the union will not go on strike to finish the remainder of the school year. 

CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey confirmed to NBC Chicago Monday that a strike is unlikely to happen this month, but he's not ruling out the possibility of a strike in September.

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