Emanuel ‘Will Testify' in Solyndra Scandal

Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he'll step up if a panel investigating the now-bankrupt solar power firm Solyndra asks him to testify.

“Listen, if I’m called I will testify,” Emanuel said during an unrelated press conference Thursday. 

Emanuel said in September he doesn't recall being involved in Solyndra loan decisions while he was President Barack Obama's chief of staff. "I don't actually remember that or know about it," Emanuel told local reporters.

But e-mails from White House officials dumped in October revealed that Emanuel may have been the one eager to spotlight Solyndra in early 2009, despite concerns that the California company could be financially unstable.

When asked on Thursday what he remembers, he said, “I spend my time thinking about job creation, I spend my time thinking about how to keep our streets safe, I don’t spend my time thinking about what may have happened two years ago.”

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