Emanuel to Name New Head of 911 Center

The mayor is set to announce the first female director of the Office of Emergency Management and Communications

Mayor Rahm Emanuel will name General Alicia Tate-Nadeau as the Executive Director of the Office of Emergency Management and Communications Wednesday.

Tate-Nadeau will become the first woman in charge of the city’s 911 center, replacing Gary Schenkel who is retiring after serving in that capacity since 2011.

"She knows what it takes to coordinate policies, programs, and planning to keep people safe and to keep cities and communities operating smoothly," Emanuel said in a statement. "She has the experience and expertise that we need in this critical role.”

In December of last year, two employees at the city’s 911 center failed to send police assistance to the home of Quintonio LeGrier, a Chicago teen who said someone was threatening his life. Officers were ultimately dispatched to the home after a third call. LeGrier was then shot and killed after allegedly swinging a baseball bat at an officer.

Following LeGrier's death, the dispatchers were suspended without pay and an FBI probe was launched to investigate the incident.

Tate-Nadeau currently serves as the Assistant Adjutant General/Director of the Joint Staff. In 2015, she became the first Illinois female to be promoted to General. She also serves on the regional FEMA team that’s currently responding to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Tate-Nadeau previously served overseas in Iraq and Israel, addressing safety concerns with international partners.

Her appointment comes on the heels of Emanuel’s decision to name Eddie Johnson as the city’s Interim Police Superintendent last week.

Emanuel will introduce Tate-Nadeau at a Wednesday afternoon press conference at the University of Chicago’s Gleacher Center. 

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