Emanuel to Lay Out City's New CPD Recruitment Plan

Mayor Rahm Emanuel revealed details of a plan to put more Chicago police officers on the street Monday as the city continues to target gun violence.

The Monday morning announcement was made at a quarterly meeting of the Commission for a Safer Chicago, a group of more than 100 of the city's leaders, staff, parents and practitioners.

Emanuel’s new plan shifts its focus to finding new police officers to patrol Chicago’s violence-plagued streets.

Just last week, President Obama spoke with police chiefs in Chicago where he called for "serious and robust debate over fairness in law enforcement." He used himself as an example.

"There were times when I was younger and maybe even as I got a little older, but before I had a motorcade — where I got pulled over," Obama told the crowd. "Most of the time I got a ticket, I deserved it. I knew why I was pulled over. But there were times where I didn't."

The mayor is set to detail just how the new officers will be distributed and what new attributes they will bring to the city in the Monday announcement.

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