Emanuel Out of Town For Fundraiser, Returning For Snow

On Wednesday night, at a fundraiser in the home of printing millionaire Fred Eychaner, President Barack Obama praised all the politicians in attendance:

“I want to acknowledge some outstanding public servants who are here -- my former seat mate in Springfield, the Attorney General of Illinois. My former teacher of the ways of the Senate and one of the finest public servants that we know -- Dick Durbin. The outstanding governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, is in the house. And finally, we have sort of a carpetbagger here -- I just love her so whenever I have an excuse to see her I'm happy, and she is a fellow Midwesterner, the Senator from Missouri -- Claire McCaskill.”

Missing from the list, obviously, was Obama’s former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel. According to a spokesperson, he was in Los Angeles, fulfilling a “longstanding commitment with his brother at a conference.”

However, Emanuel will return to Chicago Thursday, when the first snowstorm of his mayoralty is expected to hit.

Emanuel set up a Snow Command to deal with the blizzard. Last February, during his campaign for mayor, Emanuel was photographed shoveling the streets after Snowpocalypse 2011.

Considering the mayor took a two-week family vacation to Chile and Argentina in late December, he'd better spend some of the winters with his constituents.

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